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The N-CON BOD-Cubator Incubator Control converts any new or used refrigerator, from under-counter to the largest household size into a precisely controlled BOD incubator.  No permanent modifications are necessary.*  You can temporarily convert a refrigerator to meet peak loads and then return it to normal use.  By obtaining a refrigerator sized to meet your needs locally you can avoid high shipping costs and servicing headaches.

N-CON BOD-Cubators have been in use in wastewater treatment plants, environmental laboratories, and universities throughout the world since 1964.

*For use with a self-defrosting model, defrost cycle must be disabled.  Shelves must be open to provide proper circulation.

How it Works:

The BOD-Cubator contains a low wattage density heater, circulating fan, adjustable, digital temperature regulator and on/off switch in a compact aluminum and stainless steel case. The flat power cable is led under the refrigerator door, the refrigerator power cord is plugged into the junction box socket and the cable is connected to a grounded power outlet. Controlled by the indicating, digital regulator, the BOD-Cubator alternates its internal heater and the refrigerator’s cooling system to maintain the desired temperature.  A circulating fan runs continuously to provide even temperature throughout the incubator. 

Temperature is easy to set with digital control.

Actual temperature (C°) is visible on front of control.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 9.5” long, 5” wide, 4” high
Weight: 6 pounds
Temperature Range: 5° C - 40° C (41° F - 104° F)
Accuracy: +/- 1° C
Power Requirements: 115 V, 60 Hz- 200 watts
Available: 220 V, 50 Hz system for export